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Flourished minimalist  was built for the love of good and meaningful design, conscious living and a meaningful life! 

Sustainability and simplicity are our greatest passion.

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Well, my story begins with interior design.

Iam an interior designer practicing  in the East of Africa but trained in Europe;Italy to be more specific.

I have always been fascinated by healing spaces and biophilic design; generally the emotional and health aspect of design.

 Its power to cut through to your soul and awaken your senses.

This led me on a search to further improve my clients’ experience of design and beauty. I believe that  it is not enough for spaces to just be beautiful;They also have to be sustainably  designed.

Promoting  health and well-being for those that inhabit them,

Inclusive of the environment around them and timeless in nature.

My dream is to see more sustainable families,communities,cities and countries; Where Human Rights and basic necessities are attanable by all people.

And everyone has access to resources to help keep their families and communities healthy as well as secure.

Along with humans living in harmony with their environment.

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