Summer Essentials: Must Haves For a Cozy & Comfortable Home

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When people think about summer essentials they automatically visualize their wardrobe. But it is as equally important to prepare your home for the warmer weather because it will ultimately affect your comfort and well-being. Here are simple tips to optimize your home for comfort and cozy living.


Summer Essentials Checklist.

1. Good Air Conditioning


Invest in a good air conditioner If you do not have any.

And if you do ensure that your air conditioning system is in top shape.

You can do this by cleaning or replacing the filters regularly, checking for any leaks, and scheduling a professional maintenance check.

Alternatively, you can utilize ceiling fans to help circulate cool air and make sure they are set to rotate counterclockwise to create a refreshing breeze.

2. Windows and Curtains


In addition to your AC system, clean your windows inside and out to maximize natural light.

While at it,  consider installing linen curtains or blinds. To allow cool air to circulate your home for a comfortable indoor temperature.

3. Insulation and Sealing


Check for any cracks or gaps around your windows or doors and seal them to keep cool air in and hot air out, especially at night.

You can also consider adding or upgrading insulation in your attic to reduce heat build-up.


4. Prep Your Outdoor Space.


Make the most of your outdoor space by setting out or cleaning your outdoor furniture for entertainment and relaxation.

Do not forget to check and maintain your grill for summer barbecues.

Additionally, you can plant shed trees or install awnings(these are so cute and charming) along with multi-functional outdoor umbrellas to provide cooling shade for your home and outdoor areas.


5. Dehumidifiers 


Consider using dehumidifiers in areas prone to high humidity to reduce moisture levels and improve indoor air quality.


6. Keep Those Pests Out


These seem to multiply in the warmer weather. But they can be controlled with simple measures like regular inspection to avoid breeding.

And installing screens on your windows and doors to keep insects out while letting the cool air in.


7. Airy Beddings and Linens


Inside, switch to lightweight breathable fabrics like cotton or linen for your sheets and beddings to keep cool at night.

Also, consider using moisture-wicking mattress protectors and pillowcases.


8. Water Conservation Tips


Water Conservation is crucial during the summer since we tend to use a lot more water than the other seasons.

Install low-flow shower heads and faucets to save water.


9. Kitchen Preparation


In the Kitchen, stock up on light and refreshing foods and drinks to cool off the heat.

Of course, ensure that your refrigerator and freezer are clean and functioning efficiently. Otherwise, it will be a cruel, cruel summer. (Just kidding but you get the point)


Summer Essentials-Must Haves For a Cozy Home 


Living Room

  • Light Weight Throw blankets for cozy evenings

PHF Ultra Soft Waffle Weave Blanket -Lightweight and Breathable

  • Fans to cool you off

Dyson Pure Cool  Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier, White/Silver-Quiet and Efficient

  • Washable Slipcovers

Sofa Shield Original Reversible Sofa Slipcover– Breathable Cotton Blend.

  • Light, Airy Curtains to let Natural Light in.

RYB HOME White Linen Curtains & Drapes-Soft Touch Privacy Curtains.

  • Plants to Bring the Outdoors in.

Costa Farms Snake Plant – Low maintenance indoor plant.

  • Crackling Candles for bonfire goodness indoors

Hemlock Park Crackling Wood Wick Candle– For that nostalgic and cozy fireplace-at-home feeling

  • Floor cushions

Tromlycs Floor Pillow Cushions-Comfortable with a non-slip Bottom.

  • Chill music in the evenings

Dosmix Retro Bluetooth Speaker-Portable, Super Cute speaker.A cool statement piece for an open shelf.


Bedroom Summer Essentials


  • Breathable bedding for a cool night

Mellani Bedsheet Set– Ultra Soft and Breathable sheets

  • Cooling Comforter

Bedsure Breescape Cooling Comforter– Ideal for hot sleepers

  • Cooling Mattress Topper

Linenspa Cooling Gel  Mattress Topper -Cooling and Pressure relieving memory foam.

  • Dehumidifier to reduce moisture levels

HomeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier – Efficient and quiet.

  • Blackout Blinds for uninterrupted sleep

Redi Shade Original Blackout Pleated Paper Shade – Easy to install.




Summe is here! Let live outdoors.




10 Summer Must Haves for a cozy home




Breathable bedsheets

Soft fluffy throw blankets


Outdoor Fairy lights


summer essentials

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