Ethically Made Shoes

The first of the Friday Finds Series are the ethically made shoes by Nisolo; Simply because finding the perfect pair of shoes is never easy.

Especially for the minimalist looking for functionality as well as beauty; On top of being a mindful consumer.

A Quick 5 Step Guide To Finding The right Ethically Made shoes.

This should not be as hard as most people think it to be. As long as you do your due diligence and research. You can also begin with these 5 steps as a criterion for your collection;

  • Comfort and Utility should be a priority. You know the saying ‘ These boots were made for walking”. Literally, if you can not walk in your shoes then there is really no need to buy them.
  • Timeless design; Good and timeless design is clear in both structure and functionality. Look for ethical shoe brands that value good design as much as everything else.
  • Aim for versatility and Trans-seasonal items whenever you can ; This helps you get good wear out of your shoes, in addition to saving you money.
  • Look for sustainable materials like vegan leather; There lots of companies out there that carefully select materials with the environment in mind.
  • Support fair and working conditions. As much as sustainability is about the planet, It is very much so about the people that live in it. Shop from brands that value social equality and justice.

With this as your guide, there are loads of options out there to choose from. But today we will look at Nisolo

Not only do they believe in offering quality at an affordable price for the consumer;

They also value exceptional design, their producers/workers as well as the planet.

Talk about a sustainable brand!

Along with this, What I love the most is that their products are handmade. Being in the arts myself I do appreciate great craftsmanship.

Even more when it’s passed down from generations.

It has a tendency to make you feel like you are part of the artisan’s story; Playing the role of a storyteller in the way you choose to style and wear the items.

Also, Nisolo has a minimalist approach in their design which I find timeless and very versatile.

This makes their items very easy to style.

As well as comfortable.

Ethically made shoes by Nisolo.
Mood Board by Flourished Minimalist

All-day heeled mule: Photo credit Nisolo.

All-day open toe clog: Photo credit Nisolo.

Isla woven slide: Photo credit Nisolo.

With great care, These are the kinds of shoes that you will get great wear out of.

Nisolo is timeless and built to last If that’s your cup of tea.


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