FRENCH MINIMALISM: How To Create a A Charming Personalized Home

French Minimalism: Living room mood board
French Minimalism: Living room mood board


This style focuses on curating a living space for Everyday Use. With the aim of shaping a straightforward, practical, and efficient home.

But also, One that is Charming as it is Functional.

With this aesthetic, French decor(often vintage) and  Minimalism are combined to create an elevated, sophisticated interior that appears visually balanced and homey.

These homes are usually adorned with French Classics.

And they Prioritize utility as well as comfort. Without seemingly compromising on great style;

By intentionally using antiques or French Vintage treasures to create focal points; That introduce both character and personality to a living space.

Consequently transforming the home into a personal collection that is closely connected with an individual’s values and needs.

In this guide, you will be inspired and motivated by different tips and mood boards; That further elaborate as well as show interesting ways you can style the French minimalist aesthetic.



This speaks to the art of deliberately putting together decor items that would not normally go together to create accents and contrasts.

Or to make a design statement.

Ultimately, this process takes skill along with mastering the principle of creating balance in a room; Which is subsequently built over time through trial and error.

However, It is important not to fuss too much.

Instead, enjoy the process of decorating your home with meaningful treasures. That add value to your living experience;

Because in doing this, you can never go wrong.

And more importantly, It’s never about perfection; But intuition.

Therefore, trust your gut. Only you know the story you want to tell in your home.

Alternatively to simplify the process, choose and invest in vintage or antiques that are already statements in themselves.

For instance;

  • The ones that have their own particular history.
  • Are artisan in appearance.
  • Functional in usage.
  • And strikingly simple in design.

These go a long way in creating a more sophisticated look. Without trying so hard.

Nevertheless, these items should have the same constructive dialogue; Working together to form a meaningful collection. As opposed to competing with each other; Whether they be from different eras or styles.


In order to achieve the French minimalist aesthetic, leave enough room for each piece to stand out. As a result, the value of every piece in your home will be appreciated; Without it trying to compete for attention.

For instance, think of decorating your home as a conversation you are trying to have with those you choose to share it with;

Everyone has to be given room to speak for it to be meaningful.

Thus, do not crowd your home with objects. Because this defeats the whole purpose of Minimalism.

Instead, think of functionality. And, consider the less is more approach.





French Minimalism living room mood board
French minimalism living room mood board


Vintage Paris Lithograph Print: shop at

The Hoola Beaded Pendant Light: shop at

Capitol Complex Chair with arms by Cassina shop from

Softbay Sofa by Giuseppe Viganò: shop from

Gamma Coffee Stool by Pietro Franceschini: shop from



French minimalism living room mood board


Hand Made Black African Sisal Baskets: shop from

1980s Italian Nero Marble Coffee Table: shop from

Fireside Chair Togo by Michel Ducaroy: shop from 

Talia Cabinet: shop from

Panther Sofa X Métaphores Studio Parisien: shop from

A La Française Rug by Studio Parisien: shop from theinvisiblecollection



French minimalist living room
French Minimalism: living room mood board


Abstract ‘Bold Edgy Powerful Color’ Painting on Paper: shop from

Clio Velvet Ruched Sofa: shop from

Kangaroo Chair: shop from

Xxl Table by Atelier Vime: shop from

Hand Made Black African Sisal Baskets: shop from

Counterpoint by Patricia Zieseniss: shop from




Bicycle Man by Christina Kayser O.: shop from

Agi Belgium Scissor Lamp: shop from

Jardin Succulent: shop from

Leather Wrapped Writing Desk: shop from



French Minimalism livingroom mood board
French Minimalism: Livingroom Mood Board


Hayley Mitchell, Martha: shop from

Tender is the Night by Patricia Zieseniss: shop from

Panther Armchair by Studio Parisien: shop from the

Seamus Side Table, Matte Black: shop from


In conclusion, this aesthetic is a lot of fun. And it’s one of my absolute favorites to style. Likewise, I hope you find the same pleasure in incorporating French Minimalism into your interior; So as to create your very own personalized private home. That will inspire and serve your needs.










3 thoughts on “FRENCH MINIMALISM: How To Create a A Charming Personalized Home”

  1. May I simply say what a relief to uncover somebody that really understands what theyre discussing over the internet. You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people really need to check this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that youre not more popular because you certainly have the gift.

  2. Yes! Yes!! I don’t think I’ve heard it put so tactfully before: THE KEYS TO FRENCH MINIMALISM ARE SIMPLICITY AND FUNCTIONALITY.

    When you have a space so artfully and thoughtfully put together, the most disappointing thing that can be done is to clutter it with things that don’t add value to the functionality of the space and the flow of life there. It’s an utter distraction to the aura and story being told in the design. If you feel lost in pulling the space together, start with the things and designs that “bring you joy.” The textures, veins, and hues have a way of finding it’s own harmony.

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