How To Style A Coffee Table Like A Pro: 6 Tips For a Balanced Vignette

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How to style a coffee table like a pro.
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To me, a coffee table is really the center of a living room. Only because it provides a great opportunity to personalize your space and engage your guests. Not only is it a great focal point, but it also helps ground the overall design. Hence there should be a lot of thought and attention given to the table’s style and detail. Keeping both aesthetics and functionality in mind; Here are my simple tips on how to style a coffee table like a pro.




When styling a coffee table, compositions and groups are your best friend. These tell better stories than solo objects. Although you need to take careful consideration of your objects and decide what needs to be grouped together and what can stand alone. So as to create the perfect vignette.

More importantly, you need to create your own personal narrative. Identify the items you would like to put on display. These items should mean something to you.

Because remember this is an extension of your personal style and experience. So tell your own story.

The different objects in your collection should all work together to tell one tale. In other words, they should all be visually and artistically connected.

Also, a tray is always a good idea to help keep everything together and organized.

Image courtesy: Crate and Barrel in conjunction with Leanne Ford




This will act as an anchor for your vignette, inviting the eye in and out of the composition. This could be something sculptural or a painting. In addition, the anchor will give you direction when selecting other pieces of the composition. in terms of colours, textures, shapes, and forms.

While selecting my central piece, I often want to anchor my coffee table with something unique or an item with an unusual design aspect; Because this gives instant sophistication and character to the space. Creating a wow factor that will then set the tone for the rest of the collection.




When styling your coffee table, a good rule of thumb is to group in 3s; Since styling in proponents of three is generally more appealing and satisfying to the eye. Plus it allows the eye to move in and out of your composition, offering a compelling visual experience.

In case you want to have more than three objects, try to stick to odd numbers as these are more pleasing to the eye.



Stagger varying heights and dimensions, so as to create diversity and engage the eye. Also, try to incorporate linear and vertical elements that ground the composition creating layers as well as visual interest in the space.

You can have groupings of 3 varied heights; that is tall short and mid-height. So as to be more engaging to the eye with objects hitting different visual heights



While styling your coffee table, try to stay away from a linear and monotonous composition. Depth can be achieved by bringing some objects to the front into focus and pushing others to the back for the perfect contrast. This is necessary because we are naturally drawn to layers and variation.

In addition try to keep your display at 360 degrees, ensuring that it is visible and relevant from all the angles it is viewed at. Therefore engaging and serving your audience from all angles.




Finally, the last tip on how to style a coffee table like a pro is to add something alive. This can be the perfect bouquet of flowers, branches, or coral; nature has a way of uplifting our spirits and creating balance.

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